Friday, April 28, 2017

2017 Season

Apex Robotics has had an incredible 2017 season. This year we attended Auburn Mountainview, Mount Vernon, Glacier Peak, the PNW District Championship, and FIRST Championship Houston. We won our first two events, and though some problems prevented us from placing well at the District Championship and the Houston Championship, we still worked our hardest to represent our team, our school, and our community as well as possible. To follow our progress through the 2017 season, check out

Congratulations are very much in order to the #1 alliance on Roebling, teams 973, 1011, 2928, and 5499. We had a lot of fun going up against your amazing alliance in the quarterfinals! We would especially like to congratulate Team 2928 Viking Robotics for becoming the first ever PNW team to win a championship at the world level!

We would also like to thank our alliance partners, 1477, 1414, and 6508. We put up a good fight against the championship-winning alliance and were very happy to be competing alongside some extremely strong robots!

Lastly we would like to announce that our offseason, Peak Performance, will be back for a second year! The date will be announced soon, so stay tuned at and sign up for update emails by sending an email to

Thank you to everyone who made this season a success. We'll be back!