Monday, March 6, 2017

Auburn Mountainview

Apex competed at Auburn Mountainview this past weekend, our first district event. We all had a wonderful time, and after two days of hard work, Apex Robotics ended up taking the winner's trophy! We also were awarded the Industrial Design Award, and ranked fifth in the qualifications.

Apex would like to thank team 4915 Spartronics and team 3223 The ROCK, our outstanding alliance partners! We would also like to thank all of the teams at the event, the judges, the volunteers, the parents, and everyone else for making the weekend such a resounding success.

Barring minor problems here and there, Apex's robot, HAILSTORM, had few issues during the event. The worst problem required a swap of the entire climber sub-assembly, but fortunately was not a real pain for us as we had a spare. We also added our gear-securer mechanism to the rear of our robot, preventing gears from falling out of our gearer when hit. The mechanism that feeds our shooter has been modified so it does not jam, and our shooter is now functional. We ended up disabling our fuel collector in favor of a more consistent climb for this event only.

In the two weeks until Mount Vernon we plan to tune our shooter and improve our gear securing mechanism. We also plan to add an additional 775pro motor to power our ball collector.

We look forward to seeing you at Mount Vernon, Glacier Peak, or PNW District Championship. Thank you all again for an amazing season so far!