Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Offseason Update

Apex Robotics had a wonderful offseason and looks forward to competing in FIRST STEAMworks in 2017! Here are some updates from our summer and fall.

Apex Robotics had a great opportunity to travel to San Jose for Chezy Champs hosted by 254. Thank you to all the wonderful teams at the event for making the competition amazing! We all had a great time, and despite getting knocked out in quarterfinals we still met a lot of new people and made new friends.

Our third robot project is still happening! Despite delays the drivebase and shooter are complete and the electronics/pneumatics are being mounted now. Only a couple more weeks until reveal!

We had a wonderful opportunity to demo at the Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire. Through the event we were able to share the mission of FIRST and demonstrate our robot. Thank you to all the people who made this a success!

Again, thank you all for a great offseason and we cannot wait until next year!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Peak Performance a Success

The inaugural Peak Performance Offseason Event was a huge success! Congratulations to the winning alliance, 4911, 360, and 3238, and thank you students, mentors, and especially volunteers for making sure the event went off without a hitch! We hope to see you next year at the 2017 Peak Performance Offseason Event!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Peak Performance Confirmed

The FIRST Peak Performance Offseason Event will be held at Apex Robotics headquarters, Seattle Christian School in Seatac, WA, on September 10, 2016. This event is open to all teams! Details here.

Website Created

After the old proved to be too much of a pain to update, this new site was born. Though it may lack animations and fancy fonts, the site effectively lays out the Apex business plan and is much easier to edit. Welcome to Apex's new home!

To catch up, here's some info about our 2016 season (in reverse chronological order):

Apex Robotics, one of many rookies to reach World's, was assigned to the Curie field. Apex ranked number 4 on the field and partnered with 3310, 2168, and 5940. Although the alliance was eliminated in Quarterfinals, Apex had a blast and loved meeting teams from around the world. Apex Robotics also received one of four Rookie All-Star Awards, and tied with Peddie School Robotics for Highest Rookie Seed out of all rookies at the event.

With a repaired robot and extra practice, Apex Robotics ranked first out of the top 64 teams from Washington and Oregon at District Championship. Unfortunately, the #1 alliance was eliminated in Quarterfinals, however, Apex scored enough District Points by ranking to qualify for the World Championship.

Only 4 students traveled to Oregon for Philomath, but they're glad they did. After the discovery of a loose wire which was causing one side of the robot to drag, Apex leaped to 10th place and was the first pick of the 3rd alliance. Apex, alongside partners 2046 Bear Metal and 2811 Stormbots, won the event.

Apex showed up with hanging capability for week 3. With scaling on their side, Apex ranked 22nd and was the first pick of the 8th alliance.

Apex Robotics competed at the Auburn Mountainview District Event in Week 1. Apex ranked 24th and was the 2nd pick of the 8th alliance.

Apex chose four guidelines from which to build. We chose to make our robot Simple, Competitive, Robust, and Proud. With these goals in hand, the team built two robots, affectionately named Wonky and SUBZERO .